Monday, January 8, 2007

Judicial Applicants

The following individuals were nominated on January 4, 2007, by the Judicial Nominating Commission on January 4, 2007, to replace the Honorable Clifton J. Gordy and the Honorable Joseph P. McCurdy, Jr., on the Circuit Court for Baltimore City:

Stephen John Cullen
Diane Virginia D’Aiutolo
Antonio Gioia
Sheryl Beth Goldstein
George Levi Russell, III
Marcus Zellick Shar
Pamela Janice White
Anissa Jai Bonner
Honorable Emanuel Brown
Honorable Christopher Louis Panos
Elizabeth Ann Ritter
Yolanda Alicia Tanner
Donald Edmund Zaremba

On November 2, 2006, James B. Sarsfield was appointed to the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County to replace the Hon. Mary Elizabeth McCormick who, on that date, was elevated to the Circuit Court for Montgomery County to replace the Honorable James L. Ryan who had retired.

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