Thursday, March 29, 2007

In re Michelle D. Tubman (U.S. Bankruptcy Ct., MD)

Filed March 26, 2007—Opinion by Judge Robert A. Gordon

Debtor, who had a Chapter 13 case dismissed within the preceding 1-year period, moved to extend the automatic stay in her current Chapter 13 case, after the expiration of the 30-day post-petition period. After an initial hearing, the Debtor filed a motion for declaratory judgment as to the extent of the termination of the stay under Section 362(c)(3)(A) and sought imposition of a stay under Section 105(a). A secured creditor, holder of a deed of trust on Debtor’s residence, objected to both motions, arguing that the automatic stay under Section 362(a) had expired in toto by operation of law. The Bankruptcy Court held that: (1) the automatic stay terminated by operation of law on the 30th day post-petition under Section 362(c)(3)(A), (2) an untimely filed motion cannot serve to reimpose the automatic stay under Section 362(c)(3)(B), (3) the termination of the stay under Section 362(c)(3)(A) was limited in scope and the stay, while terminating as to the Debtor, did not terminate as to property of the estate, and (4) the alternative relief requested by Debtor under Section 105(a) appeared unnecessary in light of the Court’s ruling.

The devision is available in PDF.

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