Thursday, February 1, 2007

MCW in the news: MSBA Bar Bulletin

The Maryland Courts Watcher blog got a very favorable mention in the January 2007 edition of Pat Yevic's monthly "Solo/Small Firm Practitioner" column in the MSBA's Bar Bulletin. In an article entitled "TMI: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?", Pat discusses legal blogs, including this commentary about MCW:
One of MSBA's Own

Stuart Levine of Fisher & Winner has created a blog, 'Maryland Courts Watcher' (, for Maryland Court Opinions, and it is very good. Levine and other MSBA members provide synopses of all opinions publicly available on the Internet of the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, the U.S. District Court and Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland, the Maryland Tax Court, and any Circuit Court in Maryland.

According to the blog, "The synopses contain no editorial opinion except where absolutely necessary to accurately reflect any opinion. However, we encourage both attorneys and lay readers to post their analyses and comments. In addition, we will also link to commentary on the Internet with respect to any case that is posted here."

Not only do they provide a synopsis of an opinion, there is link to post comments, as well as a link to all other opinions by the particular judge or judges. This is a site worth reviewing and bookmarking.

By the way, the answer to the question posed in Pat's title is obviously "NO!", at least when it comes to Maryland law! But you knew that, right? ;-)

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