Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Miller v. Comptroller of Maryland (Ct. of Appeals)

Filed April 10, 2007 -- Opinion by Judge Dale Cathell

This case involed the issues of how a State employee is to be compensated for time spent commuting to and from an out-of-regular work site and whether a State employee is entitled to an award of compensation for acts occurring outside a 20 day period prior to the filing of a grievance. The Court held that COMAR17.04.11.02B (1)(j) does not entitle employees to compensation for all time spent traveling between home and a work site other than their assigned office and that Maryland Code (1993, 2004 Repl. Vol.), § 12-203(b) of the State Personnel and Pensions Article requires a remedy to be limited to compensation for claims existing within 20 days prior to the initiation of a grievance.

The opinion is available in PDF.

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